Even if Kinky Lady is just a small store and our infuence to environment and climate is rather marginal, we do not believe in shirking responsibility because of this fact. Our measures in detail:
- Cardboard packaging only if it is unavoidable; for example service packaging like shoe boxes, lingerie boxes, etc.
- no box in box in box; service packaging like shoe boxes or similar will be wrapped in paper und not in extra cardboard
- Should it still be necessary to use a box for shipping (for more than one part, for example), we only use existing old cardboard - some of which are reworked by hand in order to minimize your packaging waste
- we use: bubble envelopes, packaging craft paper, shipping bags, waste paper boxes
We are always on the lookout for European manufacturers in order to keep delivery routes as short as possible - approx. 70% of the goods offered come from European production.